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Anonymous: if you think ground troops should be fronting the fight with ISIS, YOU should be willing to stand on the front lines. are you? if not, you should probably think about what that means. very similar to NIMBY: you want something done as long as you're not the one doing it.






I’ve gotten this argument from pacifist libertarians too many times to count now.

Just because I do not play for the NFL does not mean I cannot have an opinion on what my favorite team does or doesn’t do on the field.  Yes, that may make me an armchair quarterback, but I’m not really in a position to order troops into combat either, am I?  I guess that makes me an armchair Commander-in-Chief then.

Also, being willing to fight for your country and actually being able to are two different things.  I am always willing to pick up a rifle and join anyone to protect this country.  Does that mean any branch of the military would accept my offer?  No, it does not.

Lastly, every individual I personally know that is serving or even that has served in some capacity of our armed forces has been on board for going back to take out Islamic State.  I’ve even talked to acquaintances that are discharged that are willing to go back just to get a crack at ISIS.  In fact, I’ll open up this question to anyone active or inactive military on Tumblr:

Do you think we should go back into Iraq to take down Islamic State?  

Also, would you personally go yourself if you were able? 

You’re actually comparing football to war?


Supporting your coach’s tactics and his opinion on the new quarterback is the same as advocating death and destruction of soldiers and civilians,is it?

With logic like that, its no wonder your government can continue behave the way it does; at home and abroad.

Instead of opening this up to debate, why don’t you explain why someone who is ‘always willing to pick up a rifle and join anyone to protect this country,’ hasn’t already done so. Or tried to do so.


Yes, the analogy stands despite your inability to understand it.  Also, I don’t have to explain to you why I’m not part of any armed services.  It doesn’t change my opinion of defeating ISIS nor does it change the fact that if I could help, I would.

An analogy is a similarity between two things. There is nothing similar between war and sport. The ability to give an opinion on disparate subjects is also not an analogy, because only one thing is involved; your opinion.

Which you’re entitled to have. But anyone calling for war, when they’re not willing to serve the military in any way they can, (you don’t have to be an active front line soldier. or even a soldier) is cowardly and hypocritical. If you’re not willing to sacrifice anything, don’t expect it from others.

Okay, clearly you cannot connect the dots on the football analogy, so let us try a different approach.

Do you believe that if you are not a politician, you therefore should have absolutely no say in politics or law?

Do you believe that if you are a not a police officer, you are therefore a hypocrite and a coward whenever you discuss topics about crime?

Do you also believe that all movie critics must also be directors or actors before criticizing a movie?

Can I not have an opinion about feminism, abortion, and other female topics even though I am a man?

I could go on and on with examples of why your claim is illogical and callous.  Again, there is a difference between having the capacity to join the military and being willing to join the military.  The President is the Commander and Chief of the armed forces yet he has never been in a branch nor is he able to join one today even if he wanted to.  You cannot silence someone’s opinion about a subject just because they are not an active participant in said subject.